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Japanese Automotive Giant and MI-DSP™ Collaborate for High-Efficiency Test Drive Marketing Campaign

In the fiercely competitive automotive market, capturing consumer attention and promoting test drive experiences have become crucial steps for car brands. Since 2023, a prominent Japanese automotive brand has teamed up with MI-DSP™, an AI-powered real-time bidding platform from Groundhog, to create a highly effective marketing campaign for car test drives.

This campaign utilized personalized advertising and precise information delivery to enhance brand awareness. From the marketing funnel perspective, MI Tech’s remarketing strategies successfully generated interest and facilitated action, helping the brand achieve a conversion rate of over 2.4 times for test drive appointments. Additionally, through our channels, many successful car purchases were completed.

To maintain brand buzz and engage both existing and potential customers throughout peak and off-peak seasons, the primary goal of this campaign was to generate test drive leads. To achieve this, we developed three major strategies for targeted and precise delivery:

  • Keyword Analysis and Audience Tagging
  • User Browsing Behavior Analysis
  • Optimization of Ad Network Resources

1. AI-Powered Personalization and Keyword Analysis

Our AI models deeply analyze consumer behavior to provide car brands with precise target audiences. To enhance consumer engagement, the campaign employed personalized push strategies. Based on consumer preferences and needs, the AI model increased exposure in media and keywords of interest, boosting consumer interaction willingness.

For example, a 35-year-old male audience interested in sports events, car news, outdoor activities, travel, and car shows would have his recent browsing activities related to these interests analyzed. The AI would extract additional relevant keywords, such as camping and Japan, to refine his interest profile. When an advertisement matches the audience’s interests, the AI places appropriate bids to secure exposure, achieving targeted ad delivery.

Japanese Automotive Keywords Example

2. User Journey Analysis for Insights into Purchase Intent and Interests

By embedding tracking codes, we collected audience behavior data on the brand’s website, such as browsing history and interaction rates. We also analyzed user event correlations to understand their level of engagement and identify potential customers willing to sign up for test drives. This allowed us to precisely gauge their purchase intentions and interests. Coupled with ad delivery technology, we accurately sent test drive communication messages to consumers with potential purchase needs or interest in the car models, enhancing lead conversion.

3. Streamlining Traffic Sources for Effective Ad Network Resource Utilization

By filtering traffic sources, we maximized the value of every budget spent. Utilizing ad network resources, we effectively selected and targeted high-quality traffic, securing maximum clicks at appropriate bid prices to drive traffic to the brand’s website. We avoided allocating budgets to low-quality or high-bot activity websites, improving the efficiency of ad delivery.

Japanese Automotive Giant And MI-DSP™ Collaborate For High-Efficiency Test Drive Marketing Campaign

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