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Empowering Telcos To Unlock New Revenue Streams

Operators are constantly challenged to engage with the mobile ecosystem and create digital service propositions. Telcos proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic as the world relied even more on connectivity. The world has changed permanently, and telcos need new business models and product offerings.

In mobile advertising, the key is to target the right audience at the right time and place. As the demand for reliable data in digital advertising increases, operators can utilize their location and browsing data to turn them into actionable insights and segmentations for marketers.

Our Mobility Intelligence Platform applies a combination of Chaos Theory-based Geolocation models and Human Mobility Deep Learning Algorithms to transform raw network data into monetizable assets and generate new revenue streams via programmatic advertising.


While adhering to the highest security standards, the Mobility Intelligence Platform is built on-premise in the operators’ data warehouse further ensuring data privacy compliance.


The MI-DMP processes subscriber behaviors to generate audiences and segmentations. The MI-DSP connects to various ad exchanges and SSPs to perform bid requests and responses in real time.

Telcos enable advertisers and media agencies looking to buy ads and create campaigns to utilize first-party data assets and enhance their service offers to their clients.

Telcos GHT AI Advertising DSP
Telcos Digital Marketing DMP

In traditional digital advertising, ad spaces are bought with little control over who is targeted because the price and audience are fixed. With programmatic, ad space and audiences are purchased based on real-life behavior. We are able to push the right campaign to the right people, at the right time and place.


  • Location: using Geolocation, our engine analyzes subscribers’ mobility in real time.
  • Mobile Browsing Behaviors: creating labels based on subscribers’ interests from online browsing and app behaviors. 
  • Website: by embedding tracking codes on websites further first-party consumer insights are gathered.
  • Campaign Feedback: after ad campaigns are finished, analytics can be gathered from the DSP and fed back into the DMP to generate even more audiences and labels.

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