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Groundhog MI | AI advertising in the digital marketing world

AI Advertising | Programmatic Digital Advertising

Campaign optimization with our AI prediction models
Let our novel machine learning become your reliable partner

Marketing Intelligence | Digital Marketing with telco data

Explore more O2O behavior insight by telco data
Analyzing audience by using geolocation, POI, online behavior and more 

Insights | Business opportunities we’ve made

See more marketing use cases by Groundhog Mobility Intelligence

Total Digital Marketing Solution by Groundhog Mobility Intelligence

Build your super audience by utilizing first-party data with us

Experience how easy it is to precisely target with our AI Advertising and get consumer browsing behaviors

AI digital marketing bu groundhog MI

AI Advertising Product by Groundhog Technologies

AI Advertising

AI prediction models help you optimize your campaign performance

Solusi periklanan AI
Intelijen Pemasaran

Marketing Intelligence

Utilize geo-location, point of interest, internet browsing behavior and more to analyze your audience

Tailored Solutions For Different Industries

Auto Optimized Real-time Bidding

By leverage first-party telco data, we are able to provide target audiences by way of our powerful solution


real-time O2O data


Enhance market in Taiwan,
Indonesia and Bangladesh


ML-Based bidding Strategies for
higher performance.
Solusi periklanan AI dentsu usecase
Featured Success


The Ads create multiple Lookalike Audiences can be used to explore new ad targets in terms of geography

WPP usecase
Featured Success


Simple and easy for the operation, we save much time when optimizing the campaign performance.

ADA usecase
Featured Success


With over two years of cooperation and numerous campaigns, Groundhog shows their expertise through AI advertising to reach clients’ expectations.

Scale your business growth with us

With our machine learning based technology, we help you Raise Brand Awareness and Tackle your specific valuable audiences with multiple aspects

Multi-Creative selection

3000+ Segments

with mobility and behaviors

Premium Trial with Small Budget

for consultant and tech team with just a small budgetEssential Block Advance Subtitle

Solusi periklanan AI KFC
Advertiser : KFC
Featured Success


With the retargeting list provided by Groundhog, the ad performance is quiet impressive. one of the camaign performance successfuly has 2 million impression.

Solusi periklanan AI pandamart
Advertiser : Panda Mart
Featured Success

Panda Mart

The CPM of campaign during the advertising peak hours even below the benchmark. Groundhog use their RTB model to drive enormous traffic with personalized ads.

Solusi periklanan AI Farglory
Advertiser : Farglory Realty
Featured Success

Farglory Realty

By matching online browsing behaviors and offline geolocation data, we successfully reach the ideal target audience via SMS messages.

Become a part of the advertising ecosystem with highest secure standard

we helps operators to launch new advertising services to brands, as well as turning online/offline behavior into insights for mobile advertising and marketing purposes with ensuring data privacy compliance.

20+ Experience

cooperating with telecoms

10+ billions

daily data integration

Protected data

protect Telco data on premise in the operators data warehouse
Solusi periklanan AI IOH
Featured Success

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison

Groudhog shows us the access to a new potential wealth of data and helps growing it through advertising.

Solusi periklanan AI
Featured Success


Groundhog perfectly settle one of our great concern – data privacy, which no personal information ever leaves the boundary of our data center.

Diverse Advertisers

The strong sales team brings new clients and E-commerces to advertising from our Platform.

Expand the market of clients

Solusi periklanan AI Onead
One AD Media
Featured Success


Our bonding makes customers able fulfill re-engagement with 360 digital advertising ecosystem.

Let’s Get Started With…

Your Best AI Marketing Insight Partner

Accurate POI

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Mobility Insight

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Behavior Tracking

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Identity Mapping

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Real-life Persona

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Our use case

Marketing Intelligence HSB

Marketing Intelligence in the Financial Industry

Application of Marketing Intelligence Let’s see how Marketing Intelligence finds the right audience for a financial company. HSB Investments provides commodity future trading, foreign exchange, stock index, price quotes, and commission products in Indonesia. The company utilizes two channels to expose its services, an app, and a website. HSB enlisted Groundhog’s technologies to help the… Read More »Marketing Intelligence in the Financial Industry

Branding for INPARADISE Buffet with location analysis technologies

Branding for well-known buffet by location analysis technologies with DOOH

Overview INPARADISE, a well-known high-end buffet in Taipei. The restaurant is located at the 46th floor of the department store, near to the MRT Taipei City Hall Station. It is also famous asyou could have meal and gaze afar Taipei 101, a famous landmark in Taipei. Strategy – Programmatic DOOH_OMNI Channel Step 1: Audience Segment… Read More »Branding for well-known buffet by location analysis technologies with DOOH

Mashup of telecom data and external data

Mashup of telecom data and external data

Telecom data vs External data 1. Digital advertising real-time bidding data 2. Tracking Code 3. Customer Relationship Management/CRM 1. Digital advertising real-time bidding data In order to assist the AI advertising in providing more relevant advertisements to users, RTB data usually carries the current contextual data of the user, such as the URL being browsed.… Read More »Mashup of telecom data and external data

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