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Marketing Intelligence (MI-DMP™)

Marketing Intelligence (MI-DMP) with 1st-party-data helps you find more customer insight.

Marketing Intelligence

Combines multiple data sources including 1st party data from telco and ad exchange for enriched target audiences

Utilizing Telco subscribers’ mobility data with online and offline behavior, our insights are not only nationwide but also 24/7 in real-time.

Providing niche person for key market categories, allowing you to rapidly find your matched audience

By analyzing multiple segments from various angles, we provide a more holistic view of different audiences

  • Find the users trace by geolocation data
  • Real-time data ingestion designed for MNO datasets
  • First party Telco ID in the cookieless era
  • User-friendly interactive GUI
  • 500+ audience labels and thousands of customized labels for each subscriber based on deterministic and probabilistic data
  • APIs for multiple digital services applications: digital advertising, digital content, mobile wallet, and many more
  • High-precision predictive analytics of consumer’s online and offline behaviors 24 x 7 in real-time
Marketing Intelligence DMP

Additional Value


Target precisely on your social media ad manager

  • Able to manually share the audience list with the advertisers
  • Able to view the audience’s insight in MI-DMP™
  • Support Meta Ad Manager
  • Support MSISDN and Mobile advertiser ID
Custom SMS/MMS campaign

Based on your target audience portfolio, we will help you find out who will be your most contributing clients and provide the target list you need. With this phone list, you can send your custom SMS/MMS for marketing use.

Location-based SMS/MMS campaign

Want to retarget on who have been to your store? Want to target people who have been to your competitors? Location-based tech helps you collect the potential client’s footprint and provide specific audiences within a 200m radius of your location.

  • SMS stands for Short Message Service
  • SMS only supports plain text message
  • Content limited to 160 characters
  • Cheaper than MMS
  • MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service
  • MMS includes media such as videos, pictures, audio clips, and GIFs
  • MMS allows for up to 1600 characters of text in the message
  • More expensive than SMS

Want To See What Is The Dataset?

Unlock the potential of our exclusive data sets to support your marketing activations and achieve great results! Let’s take a look!

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Client Success


UNICEF & MI-DSP™: Safeguarding Children’s Rights in Impoverished Regions

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is dedicated to protecting the basic rights of every child and supporting their access to healthcare, nutrition, education, and protection against violence and exploitation in impoverished regions worldwide. In collaboration with AI Advertising (MI-DSP™), they have embarked on a partnership to enhance the visibility of UNICEF’s humanitarian initiatives and… Read More »UNICEF & MI-DSP™: Safeguarding Children’s Rights in Impoverished Regions

SMOOTH usecase

How programmatic advertising raises clothing brand awareness

AI Advertising programmatic SMOOTH BASIC is an emerging online fashion store in Indonesia, focusing on casual and outdoor styles for teenagers and young adults. SMOOTH BASIC products are available on their website as well as Tiktok, Shopee, and Tokopedia. In order to attract more Indonesian users to know about the brand, Groundhog Technologies uses programmatic… Read More »How programmatic advertising raises clothing brand awareness

Marketing post audience

Marketing intelligence offers excellent audience reach across the entire nation

During the cookie-less era, what’s the key to targeting your valuable audience? Groundhog Marketing Intelligence (MI-DMP™) which is your best digital marketing partner provides niche people for key market categories and allows you to rapidly find your matched audience.  Besides, reaching out to more audiences to enlarge brand search volume is the main consideration for… Read More »Marketing intelligence offers excellent audience reach across the entire nation

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