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Marketing intelligence offers excellent audience reach across the entire nation

During the cookie-less era, what’s the key to targeting your valuable audience? Groundhog Marketing Intelligence (MI-DMP™) which is your best digital marketing partner provides niche people for key market categories and allows you to rapidly find your matched audience. 

Besides, reaching out to more audiences to enlarge brand search volume is the main consideration for advertisers. We highly recommend you adopt our 〈unique target audience insights〉 which leverages first-party data with our telecom partner — Indosat Ooredoo. These user profile data based on demographic and behavior enables you to highly improve your media buy efficiency. Whether you’re looking to target audiences in specific geographic regions, reach out to specific demographic groups, or engage with consumers across multiple channels, Groundhog Marketing Intelligence (MI-DMP™)  can help you achieve your goals.

Marketing Intelligence could flexibly input multiple data
Marketing Intelligence could flexibly input multiple data

Second, what enables Marketing Intelligence (MI-DMP™) to accurately identify the audience’s online and offline behaviors?

In addition to combining the data of the first-party telecom provider, through our powerful calculation mechanism, we can receive the signals and convert them into the offline area where the audience has visited, and then infer the stores he/she frequents and the products might be interested in.

This is the way to find out the audience’s offline behavior through geolocation. Conversely, through the connection records between the mobile phone and the telco cells, we can also catch the things he may be interested in through the webpages he/she has recently browsed and the APP has used. Therefore, after combining the online and offline behavior of this audience, we can classify different types of audiences

Then let’s take a look at what target audience Marketing Intelligence (MI-DMP™) provides to help you become the biggest booster in your advertising campaigns:

Demographic and Segmentation


Advertisers can specify not only the city but geofence generated


Details can refer to the following information


Advertisers can specify the detailed demographics


Distributed age from 18 ~ 65 and above (includes 18~24, 25~34, 35~44, 45~54, 55~64, 65~)

Persona Target post

Handset OS

11 kinds of handset OS are supported (such as Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Microsoft, Proprietary, Bada, KaiOS, Symbian, Tizen, Yun, and Others)

Income Level 

Tapping into the valued segment you want

Telecom Data

Includes ARPU, Handset, and Data Usage. Divided into high, medium, and low. (This segment amounted to a 40 million audience)

Marketing Intelligence Target List

Marketing Intelligence Target by E-commerce User Behavior
Marketing Intelligence Target by Affinity
Marketing Intelligence Target by Affinity-Family plan
Family Plan
Marketing Intelligencce Target-by-Affinity life style
Marketing Intelligence Target by Affinity-Income level
Income level
Marketing Intelligence Target by Telecom Data
Marketing Intelligence Target by Telecom Data Data usage
Data Usage
Marketing Intelligence Telecom data by handset
Handset Info
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