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Elevating Visibility for an Intimacy Product Brand in Indonesia

Within the vibrant fabric of Indonesia, where the interplay of traditional values and modernity is evident, there has been a remarkable surge in the demand for intimacy products. Understanding the pivotal role of brand awareness in this evolving sector, businesses are increasingly realizing the necessity of establishing a robust online presence.

Campaign Objective:

The primary objective of this campaign was to amplify brand awareness for an intimacy product brand in Indonesia, strategically reaching out to a diverse audience encompassing both men and women.


Addressing Challenges in Brand Awareness through Banner Campaign and E-commerce Integration

Prior to discussing effective strategies, it’s crucial to understand the unique cultural nuances and sensitivities prevalent in Indonesia. The campaign team encountered two primary challenges while executing a banner campaign and directing clicks to e-commerce sites:

1. Cultural Nuances and Sensitivities

Navigating Indonesia’s conservative values, the team implemented a banner campaign for intimacy products while directing clicks to e-commerce sites. Rooted in a conservative societal backdrop, the challenge involved ensuring the banners respected cultural values, emphasizing discretion while promoting openness on the e-commerce platforms.

These challenges played a significant role in shaping the banner campaign and e-commerce integration strategy, emphasizing the importance of aligning with Indonesia’s cultural context for successful brand awareness.

2. Navigating Sensitivities in Intimate Product Promotion

Navigating sensitivities in intimate product advertising is challenging within conservative societal norms and online content regulations. Businesses recognize the need for a strong online presence to balance reaching the right audience while complying with standards, emphasizing the crucial role of brand awareness in this evolving space.

Strategies for Building Brand Awareness

1. Emotional Connections:

Highlight relatable scenarios in creatives and communication plans, emphasizing positive couple relationships and individual self-care without explicitly crafting narratives.

2. Gender-Specific Segmentation:

Identify media publishers popular with both genders, segmenting them based on interests such as news, sports, family relationships, entertainment, and music. Ensure alignment with the target audience.


3. Analysis of Browsing Behavior Keywords:

Utilize proprietary tools to extract and organize keywords from articles and web links, breaking down internet exploration patterns from adult sites, sexual health sites, gaming sites, and sports sites in a detailed manner.

4. Pinpointing Audiences:

Increase impressions by targeting audiences with a specific interest in the product, enhancing click-through rates (CTR) without the need for explicit narrative crafting.

Insights from the Campaign

1. Audience

  • Subjects related to Comedy, TV, Movies, and Soap operas exhibit a notable Click-Through Rate (CTR) ranging from 0.75% to 0.85%.
  • Females interested in family relationships show a higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) at 4.24% compared to males.Conversely, males interested in music demonstrate a higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) at 2.53% compared to females.

2. Publisher

  • News-focused publishers like and exhibit a 50.4% higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to other news sites.
  • Entertainment-focused publishers like WeTV boast an 85% higher click-through rate (CTR) than the average.

3. Location

  • Higher Click-Through Rates (CTRs) in North Sumatra (0.73%) and Riau (0.75%) suggest increased interest in the product in these regions.

4. Device

  • Approximately 95.4% of impressions come from mobile devices.

5. OS & Brand

  • Mobile devices and Android contribute to over 90% of impressions, with Samsung being the predominant brand and showing the highest Click-Through Rate (CTR).

6. Operation

  • A higher Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) has the potential to yield a higher Click-Through Rate (CTR). Striking a balance between CPM and CTR is advised for optimal campaign performance.

Summary of the Campaign Performance

The campaign excelled by surpassing the set Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for impressions, exceeding the targeted benchmark attributed to effective strategies, including robust audience engagement, precise targeting.

  • Impressive Achievement: Surpassed the set Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for impressions by a remarkable 6.18%.
  • Effective Strategies: Employed strategies that demonstrated robust audience engagement and precise targeting.
  • Compelling Content: The success can be attributed to the creation of compelling and resonant content.Audience Resonance: Exceeded the established KPI, reflecting the campaign’s strong resonance with the target audience.
  • Noteworthy Impact: Contributed significantly to brand visibility and recognition
  • Validation of Success: Positive performance metrics validate the overall success of the campaign.
  • Strategic Effectiveness: Highlights the efficiency of implemented strategies in surpassing initial expectations and delivering substantial results in impressions.
GroundhogxLeverate campaign performance

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