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AI Advertising (MI-DSP™)

AI Advertising is the best choice for the demand side platform

AI Advertising

Using advanced AI Models, MI-DSP is self-learning and automatically optimizes advertising performances.

  • Precise targeting with 500+ MNO-Specific and IAB-compliant labels
  • GDPR-ready data encryption and anonymization mechanism
  • Enhanced performance with an advanced optimization engine
  • Access to top-tier global and local inventory
  • Integration with leading advertising performance measurement partners
  • Match user IDs even with absent IDFA/AAID

MI-DSP utilizes different AI models to
reach the campaign goal

Integrated with Google and other ad exchanges to expand the market and
reach more audiences

Package and target the right audience

Business Growth

App & Web advertising

Over 100,000 publishers across various devices 

Deep Learning model

AI models bring out the best performance 

Competitive Pricing

The lower cost of advertising brings more conversion with the same spending

Multiple Creatives Supported

Native, video, h5, and banner are supported formats.

Events tracking

The tracking function will help marketers target the right audience precisely.

Multi-layered account mechanism

Easily manage your brands, advertisers, and accounts.

Client Success

Ramadan use case

The largest Muslim festival : Ramadan Marketing Strategies —— Traffic, Analytics and Remarketing

As Ramadan is underway, brands can take advantage of this holiday season to provide special awareness and discounts to their customers.  Ramadan Trends Consumer spending in Indonesia has been increasing recently. The top 3 commerce categories are : Food & Beverage (68%), Fashion & Apparel (55%),and Confectionary (38%). While Travel and Fashion & Apparel has… Read More »The largest Muslim festival : Ramadan Marketing Strategies —— Traffic, Analytics and Remarketing

Marketing Intelligence HSB

Marketing Intelligence in the Financial Industry

Application of Marketing Intelligence Let’s see how Marketing Intelligence finds the right audience for a financial company. HSB Investments provides commodity future trading, foreign exchange, stock index, price quotes, and commission products in Indonesia. The company utilizes two channels to expose its services, an app, and a website. HSB enlisted Groundhog’s technologies to help the… Read More »Marketing Intelligence in the Financial Industry

Branding for INPARADISE Buffet with location analysis technologies

Groundhog Location Analysis Technologies For Branding Buffet

Overview INPARADISE, a well-known high-end buffet in Taipei. The restaurant is located on the 46th floor of the department store, near the MRT Taipei City Hall Station. It is also famous asyou could have a meal and gaze afar Taipei 101, a famous landmark in Taipei. Strategy – Programmatic DOOH_OMNI Channel Step 1: Audience Segment… Read More »Groundhog Location Analysis Technologies For Branding Buffet

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