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Marketing Intelligence (MI-DMP™)

Marketing Intelligence (MI-DMP) with 1st-party-data helps you find more customer insight.

Marketing Intelligence

Combines multiple data sources including 1st party data from telco and ad exchange for enriched target audiences

Utilizing Telco subscribers’ mobility data with online and offline behavior, our insights are not only nationwide but also 24/7 in real-time.

Providing niche person for key market categories, allowing you to rapidly find your matched audience

By analyzing multiple segments from various angles, we provide a more holistic view of different audiences

  • Find the users trace by geolocation data
  • Real-time data ingestion designed for MNO datasets
  • First party Telco ID in the cookieless era
  • User-friendly interactive GUI
  • 500+ audience labels and thousands of customized labels for each subscriber based on deterministic and probabilistic data
  • APIs for multiple digital services applications: digital advertising, digital content, mobile wallet, and many more
  • High-precision predictive analytics of consumer’s online and offline behaviors 24 x 7 in real-time
Marketing Intelligence DMP

Business Growth

data integration daily
cell signals data collected daily
web browsing sessions monthly
devices data collected monthly

Client Success

Ramadan use case

The largest Muslim festival : Ramadan Marketing Strategies —— Traffic, Analytics and Remarketing

As Ramadan is underway, brands can take advantage of this holiday season to provide special awareness and discounts to their customers.  Ramadan Trends Consumer spending in Indonesia has been increasing recently. The top 3 commerce categories are : Food & Beverage (68%), Fashion & Apparel (55%),and Confectionary (38%). While Travel and Fashion & Apparel has… Read More »The largest Muslim festival : Ramadan Marketing Strategies —— Traffic, Analytics and Remarketing

Marketing post audience

Marketing Intelligence Provides Superb Nationwide Audiences

During the cookie-less era, what’s the key to targeting your valuable audience? Groundhog Marketing Intelligence (MI-DMP™) which is your best digital marketing partner provides niche people for key market categories and allows you to rapidly find your matched audience.  Besides, reaching out to more audiences to enlarge brand search volume is the main consideration for… Read More »Marketing Intelligence Provides Superb Nationwide Audiences

Marketing Intelligence HSB

Marketing Intelligence in the Financial Industry

Application of Marketing Intelligence Let’s see how Marketing Intelligence finds the right audience for a financial company. HSB Investments provides commodity future trading, foreign exchange, stock index, price quotes, and commission products in Indonesia. The company utilizes two channels to expose its services, an app, and a website. HSB enlisted Groundhog’s technologies to help the… Read More »Marketing Intelligence in the Financial Industry

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