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Groundhog Location Analysis Technologies For Branding Buffet


INPARADISE wants to through Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) by placing advertisements at large intersections for branding by our location analysis technologies.


INPARADISE, a well-known high-end buffet in Taipei. The restaurant is located on the 46th floor of the department store, near the MRT Taipei City Hall Station. It is also famous as
you could have a meal and gaze afar Taipei 101, a famous landmark in Taipei.

Strategy – Programmatic DOOH_OMNI Channel

image 5

We help to analyze the audience’ segment by our location analysis mechanism for the intersection which is appointed by INPARADISE.

  • Gender: Female (53%) vs Male (47%)
  • Age: 26-40y (41%) & 41-60y (40%)

By our Marketing Intelligence, we suggest there will be a 100,000 estimated reach and provide the frequency (2 times), and average stay time (1.3 mins) of counterpart location.

  • Reports include real maximum reach, Gender, Age, etc.
  • Top 5 Ranking of Residential/Working Area
  • Stay time analysis during weekday/weekend

After outreaching this audience, adopt our AI Advertising for online advertising.

AI Advertising can provide the ML-based lookalike audience and then retarget them on their
mobile device.

  • Multi-dimension targeting
  • Audience Enhancement
  • Machine Learning Based Bidding
  • SSP Integration supported


OTS (Opportunity to see) from Jun 20th – Jul 4th

Maximum Reach51,357 ppl
Accumulated Maximum
130,261 ppl
OTS Accumulated
Maximum Reach
20,275 ppl
Average Frequency2.54

Geographic Segmentation

image 6

Residential Area vs Working Area Heatmap

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