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The largest Muslim festival : Ramadan Marketing Strategies —— Traffic, Analytics and Remarketing

As Ramadan is underway, brands can take advantage of this holiday season to provide special awareness and discounts to their customers. 

Ramadan Trends

Consumer spending in Indonesia has been increasing recently. The top 3 commerce categories are : Food & Beverage (68%), Fashion & Apparel (55%),and Confectionary (38%). While Travel and Fashion & Apparel has the highest growth rate.

MI-DMP provides you with customizable audience list to target the right customer’s during this holiday period. Using first-party data, we’re able to predict which group of audience have a higher chance of interacting with your ad.

Your Best Martech Tool —— MI-DSP™

With mobile phone performance and technology improving, short-form videos have become one of the more popular ways to advertise. Many brands start embracing clips and streaming to communicate with their consumers. According to the latest report Meta : Meet this Ramadan, more than 65% potential consumers are willing to spend time on watching video in contrast with graphics posts. Therefore, we highly recommend brands have the out-stream video campaign during Ramadan.

O2O Consumer Profile

MI-DSP™ can support the out-stream video advertising whileMI-DMP™ uses first-party data source from Indosat Ooredoo, one of the top 3 telecommunications providers in Indonesia. 

To give an example, E-commerce advertisers can reach the fashionistas: girls, aged 18-34, who visited Central Park mall in the past two weeks with video creatives. After the consumers arrive at the landing page, advertisers can further do remarketing by embedding tracking code to optimize the whole consumer journey.

Ramadan use case 英文